Monday, December 19, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Birdo Animation

This year marked the centennial of one of Brazil´s most influential writers, Mario de Andrade. Birdo Studio was hired to direct, animate and do most everything for a film that celebrates Mario´s legacy.

If you´re not from Brazil, I´m pretty sure the film will make no sense whatsoever. But, hey, just watch the pictures moving then. I handled the character animations for the "mad scientist" (who´s supposed to be Mario de Andrade) and for the first bits of the "creature". It was a fun gig, even though animating these sorts of designs on Flash can be a chore sometimes. Cheers!


Direction: Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet & Céu D’Ellia
Production: Céu D’Ellia - NUPA
Script: João Spacca
Character Design: Laurent Cardon and Workshop NUPA 
Animation Production Services: BIRDO
Animation Direction: Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet
Production Assistant: Flávia Luz
2D Animation: Paulo Muppet, Pedro Eboli
Animation Assistants: Ale Barreto, Amora Bettany, Ana Paula Indalêncio, André Nakao, Bruno Tedesco, Heloisa Midori, Jonas Brandão.
Background Design: Rafael Gallardo 
3D modelling and animation: Antonio Linhares, Luciana Eguti
Compositing: Antonio Linhares, Luciana Eguti
Music and Sound Design: Fabio Góes
Based on Original Music by Iara Rennó
Mário de Andrade: Pascoal da Conceição
Macunaíma: Hugo Possolo