Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Film on film

The São Paulo International Film Festival is happening as we speak. This year, they called in awesome graffiti/fine art duo "OSGEMEOS" to draw the poster for the Fest.

Luckily, we at Birdo Studio got a crack at animating this opening vignette. I got to do the biking cycles, the frontal close-up at the beginning and the firecracker being shot. Fun, fun, fun.

Congrats to Amir Admoni, the very talented director of this vignette, and Lu and Paulo, my two trusty animation directors.

Oh! And good Animation Day to y'all. (Why isn't it Animator's Day? Probably for the same reason most people love Beauty and Beast but don't know who Glen Keane is. I guess...).

33ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo from Birdo Studio on Vimeo.

Production: Leon Cakoff
Direction: Amir Admoni

Character Animation: Birdo
Animation Direction: Luciana Eguti e Paulo Muppet
Animators: Pedro Eboli, William Iamazi Ferro, Rafael Gallardo
Assistant Animator: Fernando Finamore

Compositing: Amir Admoni
Sound Design: Andre Abujamra

Based on the original art from "OSGEMEOS"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My life as a teenage girl

Howdy there. Fresh from Birdo Studio, here's a commercial for "lday pads" or whatever they're called.

Animation was all done in Flash, as usual, and I animated about the first 10 seconds of the girl character and the big cloud of stuff at the end. I had Paulo Muppet's great animatic to work on top and both his and Lu Eguti's direction throughout the thing. It was a joy and I just loved how the whole spot turned out.

Cheers and out.

Sempre Livre Teen from Birdo Studio on Vimeo.


Production: Birdo
Direction: Birdo - Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet

Animators: Paulo Muppet, Pedro Eboli, William Iamazi Ferro, Bruno Hamzagic, Luciana Eguti
Assistant Animators: Bruna Brito, Gustavo Teixeira, Ana Rocha
Compositing: Luciana Eguti

Sound Design: Cromo.Sonica

Client: Johnson&Johnson Brasil
Agency: Samurai
Creative director: Marcos Skuropat
Project Manager: Camila Alvarenga