Sunday, April 5, 2009

An indie and new-raver meet in a bad piece of animation

Ok...first of all, I'm really sorry for this. Like, really.

But I recently saw on Cartoon Brew this website that allows you to make these "instant 3D animations". All you have to do is pick the characters and type in the dialogue.

Of course, the final results are hilariously bad. The models are butt-ugly, the stock animation almost non-existent and the deliveries so deadpan that's almost unbearable.

ALMOST. Because I couldn't resist toying with it for 5 minutes and posting the results.

So, just to be clear: I didn't animate this piece of lameness, I just made up the dialogues. Apologies in advance, folks.

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brian said...

pedro its brian sabbeth

HOW ARE YOU?!!!!?!!?!!?!!?!?!?

I am sure everything is great(I hope)

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