Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I kinda miss my endless nights of flipping paper over at the Vancouver Film School. You know, they're nice fellas over there.

So, I was glad to hear that they decided to interview me for the VFS Blog. We talked about my past as an advetising guy, how Papercut come to being and cute little baby wombats.

That's it. Kudos and snaps to Jeff Morris of VFS for this chance and just for being a really cool dude. He had the zen-like patience of reading through my shambolic, rambling answers.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Yowza and whoopee. The always nice folks at Frederator just told me today that "A Pug's Life" got picked as May's Frederator Cartoon of the Month.

That's great for 2 reasons:
1) it's voted by the viewers. So, thanks to everyone who enjoyed my little silly Flash film.
2) I get a sweet bag of goodies, which apparently include an apron, boxer shorts and a beer mug. And you can never have enough boxer shorts, in my opinion.

Once again, thanks to the community and to Fred and the crew for another good, good, good surprise.


Legal! O "Pug's Life" foi votado Cartoon do Mês de junho no Channel Frederator. Maior surpresa bacana. Ainda mais porque o desenho é escolhido pelo público, que é quem importa. E também porque eu vou ganhar uma caixa de produtos Frederator, incluindo uma cueca samba-canção e um avental de cozinha. Combinação perfeita.