Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Surprise

Well, graduation from Vancouver Film School was just this last Friday (April 25th) and it couldn't have been better. Everyone's short films pleased the crowd and I had a really really nice surprise: for the first time, the school gave the Paul Boyd Class Achievement Award and I had the honor of receiving it.

For people who don't know, Paul Boyd was a Vancouver animator who passed away last year. He used to teach at VFS and worked on projects such as the brilliant "Tales from the Far Side" (a show that also counted on the amazing talents of Moose Pagan. Dieter Mueller and Marv Newland - all of which I had the privilege of knowing).

I can't thank the school, the instructors and the Paul Boyd Foundation enough for this truly awesome gift.

Gee, thanks.


Durante a formatura, uma surpresa feliz: pela primeira vez, a escola preparou um prêmio especial para o aluno com a melhor performance na turma. O prêmio se chama Paul Boyd Achievement Award, em homenagem a um grande animador de Vancouver que infelizmente faleceu ano passado.

Fiquei muito honrado e estupefato de receber esse prêmio durante a cerimônia. Até porque ninguém sabia que isso ia rolar e eu tive que improvisar um discurso que, devido ao choque, beirou a incoerência. Hehehe.

A Pug's Life

And these are from my Flash-animated short film, "A Pug's Life". It was a fun little 2 and a half weeks project, and it pretty much sums up my views about puppy love (pun oh so much intended). Again, designs and screenshots. Again, video coming soon.


E estes são tirados do meu curta em Flash, "A Pug's Life". Foi um projeto divertido, feito em 2 semanas e meia de correria. Designs, breaks dos personagens e stills.


These are from my 2D traditionally animated short film, "Papercut". It was a really fun experience snd I had the chance to be mentored by some really cool, passionate and fun people. First, you got some designs and then, some screengrabs. It tells a little tale of corporate life and being a bored worker who turns into paper after getting a papercut. I'll post the film soon.


Algumas imagens tiradas da minha animação tradicional, "Papercut". Foram 5 meses bastante divertidos, mesmo com as noites viradas e eventuais crises achando que não ia dar para terminar. Tem os sketsches originais dos personagens e alguns stills.

Character Designs

Some characters I doodled on the last couple of months. More to come.


Alguns personagens que eu rabisquei nos últimos dois meses. Tanto em papel como 100% digital. Depois vem mais.


Some life drawing